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Router / Switch / Hubs - Linksys 48-port 10/100 + 2-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Smart Switch with 2 combo SFPs SLM248G

Linksys 48-port 10/100 + 2-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Smart Switch with 2 combo SFPs SLM248G

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Cost-effective, secure switching with simplified management for your growing business -Easy-to-use Web browser interface makes installation quick and effortless. -Grow your network with options like Link Aggregation, Spanning Tree and Portfast. -802.1x port authentication and MAC address filtering brings network security down to the switch port level. -Basic QoS enables the network to be used for networked applications including voice, video and data storage. Product Description New Linksys Business Series Smart Ethernet Switches are cost-effective switching solutions ideal for small businesses, the network edge, or workgroups within larger organizations. These easy-to-install, high-speed switches offer many of the same Quality of Service and Security features found in more expensive full Layer 2 managed switches but without their complexity. The SLM248G offers fourty eight (48) 10/100 Copper ports with two (2) shared Gigabit copper or optical (SFP) uplink interfaces for connecting the switch to the core network. The SLM248G?s simplified user interface is an intuitive management tool enabling you to quickly utilize the comprehensive feature-set of the switch, resulting in a better optimized network. Quality of Service ? The SLM248G includes numerous QoS features to ensure that traffic is prioritized properly to deliver the best possible user experience for real time applications like voice and video or bandwidth intensive graphic/video file uploads or downloads. With its IGMP Snooping feature, the SLM248G limits IP multicast traffic (real time presentations, videoconferences, on-line gaming) to only the ports that have requested it enabling the rest of the network to operate at peak efficiency. Additional QoS capabilities like IEEE 802.1p Priority Tagging, DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point), and 4 hardware queues also maintain quality for real-time applications like voice and video. Network traffic can be optimized with the switch?s 802.1q VLAN (Virtual LAN) support which enables you to quickly segregate network traffic by department or workgroup. VLANs also provide an additional layer of security by keeping sensitive data separated from other workgroups on the network. Network Security is an absolute requirement for any business and preventing unauthorized access to the company network is business-critical. The SLM248G secures the network through 802.1X port authentication which prompts end-users to provide their username and password before they are permitted to pass data. User access can also be controlled through the SLM248G?s MAC Filtering capability which allows network access only to those devices or workstations that have been authorized as identified by their MAC (Media Access Control) address. The Many-to-One or One-to-One Port Mirroring feature of the SLM248G enables you to monitor the type of traffic being transmitted on the network. Quick, foolproof network expansion ? The SLM248G includes features for quickly expanding and growing your network. To substantially increase network throughput speeds, especially useful for companies whose employees are routinely backing up their hard drives to a company server or storage platform, the SLM248G supports Link Aggregation which allows multiple high-bandwidth trunks between switches to be set up. Link Aggregation also provides a level of availability and redundancy as traffic will continue to flow even if one of the network links break. The SLM248G?s Spanning Tree Protocol support (STP) and Storm Control features help to control planned or inadvertent cable loops when switches are connected to one another. These loops can cause broadcast or multicast storms in the network and severely limit its performance. With these features, you can confidently build a mesh of switches and quickly expand your network to support your growing workforce.
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